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Unfiltered | October 31, 2015

(In 6th grade, I was in the weekly CCD class offered by my church. A majority of the class was all 4 of the regular altar boys and maybe 2 other girls who would rarely come to class. Each week without fail, the boys would bully me behind the teachers back. While I would tell the teacher what was going on, nothing could be done unless she saw something, especially since the boys in question were the altar boys. One of the boys stopped bullying me when I threatened to go to the priests, but the others kept going strong. One day, my teacher caught the boys bullying me when we had a full class in attendance.)

Teacher: *to the boys* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Boy #1: We were just playing-


Boy #2: We do this every class. Why are you getting mad now?

(I am crying by this point because the bullying had gone over the edge this time and I was relieved that they had been caught. My teacher goes to the phone in the room and explains the whole situation to the priest. Literally 1 minute later, the priest walks into the room. Not just any priest, but the head priest of the church, who was unfortunately moving to another church in a few months.)

Priest: Mrs. [Teacher’s Name], please take [My Name] outside.

(The moment the door closes, the priest tears into these boys yelling about how ashamed he is of them since they are the altar boys and that they should know better and had no right have been altar boys the entire class term if they were bullying others and using their status to get away with it. When I am able to enter the classroom again, he delivers the ultimatum to the boys.)

Priest: Next week for the class confessions, all of you are coming to me. If this incident is not mentioned in your confession, there will be consequences. Also, until I transfer churches in a few months, your services as altar boys will not be needed for any of my masses.

(As he starts to walk out of the room, one of the girls speak up. The priest hears her.)

Girl: Thanks for doing something Father [Priest’s Name]. They are always so annoying.

Priest: Did you see what was going on?

Girl: Yeah I did.

Priest: Did you try and defend your classmate?

Girl: No.

Priest: Then you’re just as responsible!

(For the rest of the year, the boys were not allowed to participate in mass held by this certain priest. I did not see the boys return to the church the next year. That priest became my mom’s favorite after hearing the full story of what happened that day from me when I got home.)