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Unfiltered | October 25, 2015

(This was during a combined high school and middle school field trip. The middle schoolers were talkative and a bit annoying, but one of the chaperones decided to have a bit of fun with them and tells us high scoolers about it)

Chaperone: “I managed to convince the middle schoolers to try and start a petition.”

Student #1: “ooh. About what?”

Chaperone: “to ban dihydrogen monoxide from their water.”

(We all laugh)

Me: “how were you able to do that?”

Chaperone: “well, Y’know, I told them that it’s found in people who die of cancer, it can be lethal in massive quantities, et cetera.”

Me: “well then. I wonder if they’ll actually start one.”

Chaperone: “[laughs] I haven’t told them the truth yet.”

(For those who don’t know: dihydrogen monoxide is the scientific name for water).

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