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Unfiltered | October 19, 2015

I’m a very shy girl and have always been so as you can probably guess i get bullied ALOT when i was in elementary school a group of popular girls would always use my shy submissive nature to be mean towards me

*I’m swinging all by myself*

Girl 1: “MOVE IT FREAK!”

Girl 2: “Yeah move it, nobody wants to see you around anyway why don’t you just go hide away with one of your dumb books!”

(These comments go on for a while and I’m almost to tears and frankly getting quite tired of it)

Me: “me I’m not going to move maybe if you’d asked instead of demanded i would have!”

(An on looking teacher walks over to see what the problem is)

Teacher *looking at me*:”what’s the problem?”

Girls 1&2 : “she’s bullying us and refuses to move after taking it!”

(This is when a boy i didn’t know interrupts)

Boy: “maybe she would if you weren’t such bitches!”

(The girls look shocked and turn towards teacher)

Teacher: “he makes a good point.”

I had no problem for the rest of the week.