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Unfiltered | October 4, 2015

(I have playground duty twice a week and a student I don’t know approaches me, crying.)

Student 1: They’re being mean to me! *points to some boys playing nearby*

Students 2, 3, 4 and 5: *look exasperated*

Me: How were they being mean to you?

Student 1: They keep running away from me!

Me: (to other students) Why do you keep running away from him?

Student 2: We were playing tag, and he was it. But we’re not playing anymore.

Me: (to student 1): Were you playing tag with them?

Student 1: Yes, but I didn’t want to be it! *is still sobbing*

Me: Well, that’s how the game is played. Did you know that was how the game was played?

Student 1: Yes. But I didn’t want to be it! *is still crying*

Me: That’s just the way it works. But it doesn’t matter, because everyone is playing a different game now.

Student 1: But I want to play tag! I just don’t want to be it.

(This continues for a few more rounds, the boy still crying the whole time. Eventually I give up and walk away. The boy immediately stops crying)