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(I go to an all-girls boarding school, where most of the students wear very dressy outfits. Just before a formal dinner for the senior class, my roommate notices my clothing choice: a simple t-shirt dress and leggings.)

Roommate: “(My name) – NO. You can’t wear that!”

Me: “But its practical, accordig to dress code, and i like it. Seems fine to me.”

Roommate: “But you’ll look like a… a nerd.”

(I glance around at my collection of classic novels and books on astonomy, the knitted sweaters in my laundry pile, and the huge amount of school supplies on my desk.)

Me: “You know, somehow I think that my dress is probably the least of my worries when it comes to the nerd alert…”

(I wore the dress and leggings, and with much pride.)

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