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Unfiltered | September 22, 2015

(I’m in fourth grade. it’s snack time a the nun who helps people with special needs walks in. I’m sitting with one foot under my thigh and the other touching the floor. Note that this is a somewhat strict Catholic school.)

Nun: *walks in* “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” *whole class goes silent*

Me: Uh.. me? *points to myself*

Nun: “Yes you!”

Me: “Uhh…” (Fourth grade me was not used to be yelled at and was quite tongue-tied.)

Nun: “Why are you sitting like that?”

Me: *quietly* It’s… uh…. comfortable?”

Nun: “I can’t here you.”

Me: *A little louder* “It’s comfortable?”

Nun: *smiles* “Well good. Sit the way you are comfortable.” *Proceeds to sit on table with feet off the floor.*

(She scared the crap out of me, but she ended being a really nice person!)