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When we moved into our house, it needed a massive overhaul. Not excluding the garden, full of weeds, overgrown bushes, the paving, the decking, then fences all needed serious work.

I did pretty much all of it, and I’m the one that maintains it. Annoying, as it takes time money and effort. we all enjoy it, but I’m the only one that does the work.

One day after work I come back, to a massive box. A gift from my in laws. A massive trampoline for the kids.

Me: great. I thought you were going to dissuade them?

Wife: what? The kids will love it.

Me: will they though? They had one before and they used it for a few weeks then ignored it. What about the garden?

Wife: this one is a lot bigger, and if it bothers you that much we can put it away.

Me: can we? I mean where is it going to go and are you actually going to help.

Wife oh stop moaning.

(Unsurprisingly the kids didn’t use it at all, I have a massive dead patch of grass in the lawn I spent years sowing and re sowing . The trampoline is rusty and unused. As I said, great.)

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