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Me and a few people from work have to travel to see a customer, the trip is long and very early. By the time we have got there and back, it is late and we decide to meet for dinner in a services.

Coworker: why don’t we all get (cheap chicken place)!

Coworker 2: yeah sure.

Me: I’ll get something else if that’s OK.

Coworker: are you sure? I can put it all through on my company card.

Me: really really sure. Thank you though.

(They grab their food, I grab mine. I end up with a burger.)

Coworker 2: oh i thought you were vegetarian ?

Me: Me? No, I just don’t eat chicken.

Coworker: chicken? That’s weird.

Me: yeah, I don’t want to go on about it. I just feel farmed chicken, is well problematic.

Coworker 2: what do you mean?

Me: well you know, of all the animals , only farmed chickens live their lives in cages, its suffering for profit. Look I don’t want to ruin your meal. Come on let’s eat.

Coworker: (aggresivly) what are you talking about, do you even know what goes on in food manufacturing, not of course you don’t. You just want to prove a point.

Me: ok, fine you want to know, what I know. Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

(I explain the issues and conditions animals as often kept in , the suffering and medical conditions, the history of abuse and many issues I have seen first hand with quality of meat.)

Me: so yeah, I feel that I would rather not be a part of that. I don’t normally go on about it, but frankly you deserved it. Can we go now.

Coworker 2: yeah, I think I lost my appetite.

(I did apologise again, but don’t harass people for what they believe in, especially when it is backed by several reputable and published documentaries and mainstream scientific journals.)

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