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, | Unfiltered | September 19, 2023

We have several chain supermarkets and we like using the self serve check out, but there is this one that always makes me tear my hair out.

I am checking out while my mom ran out to the pharmacy since it was closing in a couple of minutes. I just beeped a mechanical pencil filling cartridge and the machine says after waiting a couple of seconds (you have to wait till it asks you unless it won’t register you put your purchase down) “please put your merchandise on the baggaging platform”. So I do. It’s so light it doesn’t register it. I had to pick it up and drop it down 3 more times for the stupid machine to recognise that there was something on it, and telling me at least 2 more times to put my merchandise on the baggaging platform.
Unfortunately it wasn’t the last light thing we bought that day, so I did this dance a couple more times and increasingly got frustrated.
When my mom came back she actually found it quite amusing… untill it came to payment. After we paid for our stuff the machine kept saying “please remove the merchandise from the baggaging platform”. We were there removing our stuff for several minutes meanwhile we heard the same line in every half minute. (I counted)
Before we left I gave the machine a double middle finger as a sweet goodbye.
(Sorry for any misspellings, english is not my first language and my hand is in a cast, so typing on my phone is a bit tricky too)

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