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| Unfiltered | September 18, 2023

It was a still a curfew on Sundays, when I got an appointment, for an MRT scan on a Sunday afternoon.
As, I had the appointment paper, my husband and I could go out without a problem.

On our way home, we were driving on the middle lane. The right lane was a turning lane


We just passed it and we also almost passed the street.

So the right lane became the turning lane for the cars turning from the street onto the main road.

Suddenly, a car from the left lane overtook us quickly and tried turn right, on to the other street, suddenly.
My husband hit the breaks, but as the other car still tried to turn, it bumped into us. Our car was fine but the other car had a dend and the side was pretty bad scratched.

The other driver got out immediately and screamed around.
My husband got out and asked if everyone was alright. But this guy screamed “You need to come with me to the car garage and pay to fix my car! It is your fault! Look what you have done!”

” I don’t think,it is my fault, as you tried to turn at the last moment. You should have changed to the right turning lane and turn there. And not turn from the left lane suddenly almost turning into the on going traffic! I better call the police. They will sort things out. Also, why anyone would pay for fixing, if we have insurance?!”

So my husband called the police.

While we waited for it, a road construction vehicle appeared. The worker put some cones and told us, they were called to clean an oil spill.
But we told them, that our cars weren’t losing oil.

The guys took some photos and moved on.

Suddenly, the guy in the other car, said, we should move our cars, as the traffic was very dangerous.
I told, my husband, that we shouldn’t do it. But we were afraid, because during our waiting time, at least 3 more cars, tried this dangerous turning manoeuvre.
Also the other driver had a small child,which we worried about.

So, I took some more photos and we agreed to move to the gas station.

At the gas station there was a police car parked and the other guy stopped right beside of if and waved to the policeman.
But the policeman shouted at the guy:
“You can’t park here. We are assembling a check point, to check if the drivers have a permit to go out today.”

My husband said, ” But we had an accident..”

“Just back off a little, park there and wait for the traffic police.”

But instead of reversing, the other driver tried to go back on the road, almost hitting an other car.
My husband followed him.
But suddenly, the other car speeded off and was no where seen.

We turned around and went back to the gas station.
On the way, we saw the road construction guys, we told them the story and they also gave us their photos .

At the gas station, we called the police to let them know, that the other driver hit and ran.
They policeman said, we should not worry, as there are traffic cameras at the place, where the accident happened and if we want, we can give the car’s plate and they will stop it immediately. But it is quite possible that the driver doesn’t have an insurance or he has afraid of paying a fine, because he went out on a curfew day.

We decided not to bother about stopping the other car, as our car was not really damaged and is pretty old, with lots of scratches and dends. .
We just wanted to make sure, that this guy, wouldn’t accuse us, of doing a rit and run.

I am still baffled, but I think, the fine for 3 people going out on the curfew day, was much more, as the fee for fixing the car.

What bothers me the most is, that the other guy, didn’t even care for his wife and the kid,which was sitting unsecured on the mother’s lap while driving…
And we were happy, that the accident was only a minor one.

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