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, | Unfiltered | September 17, 2023

I work at a bookstore cafe. One day, a regular customer comes in, but he’s clearly been drinking. He also flirts with me and another girl frequently, and asks us out occasionally, no matter how many times we reject him. As soon as I make him his coffee, he does this:

Customer (tries to hand me a $20 bill): Here you go, beautiful. Buy yourself something nice.

We aren’t allowed to take tips directly, so I point to the tip jar. He shoves the money in my bra instead and pats my breast. Then he stumbles out the door, where he face-plants onto a bus bench and for one horrible minute, I think he’s dead, until he stumbles to his feet and starts loudly cursing the world, God, an ex-president who has been out of office for years, and the most recent ex-president.

I go to find my manager, and tell her what happened. She calls the police and tells them that there is a drunk man stumbling around and yelling. She tells me to do whatever with the money he gave me, so I slip it into the tip jar to share with my coworkers. As for the customer, I haven’t seen him since. I hope he sobered up and is okay.

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