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, | Unfiltered | September 16, 2023

(My boyfriend does not have the best eyesight, even with his glasses on. I have an annoying zit on the back of one shoulder and I’ve asked him to cover it with a basic adhesive bandage.)

Him: You mean the one in the middle of your neck?

(He pokes the spot he’s talking about.)

Me: No, that’s a mole. The zit is over this way.

Him: I’m pretty sure your zit is here though. It looks new.

Me: I have had that mole my entire life. It’s perfectly fine. Can we get back to the huge annoying zit brewing on my shoulder? I could see it bright red in the mirror but I can’t get a good angle to cover it myself.

Him: This little thing?

(He pokes the zit.)

Me: Ow! Yes! Just slap the patch on the d*** thing so we can get on with our lives!

Him: *skeptically* If you say so…

(The bandage was the standard kind with a square of padding in the middle and two adhesive flaps on either side. He barely covered the zit at all. At least having the thick fabric adhesive bit covering the zit was better than nothing but COME ON MAN!)

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