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For a while I worked at an online tech school that taught coding, game design and the like. Since we were virtual, we did all of our classes through a popular virtual meeting platform that allowed teachers and students alike to share their video, computer screens, and for teachers to take remote control of students computers if necessary.

One day after class, a group of my coworker’s students were having a great time together in class and wanted to stay in the virtual room after class to chat and work on their projects together. My coworker let them, making one of the students the new host and then leaving to teach his next class.

In that time, the new student host managed to request access to one of the other kid’s computers, was granted it, and instead of helping the student with his project, proceeded to go in and completely delete the project the student had been working on in the class for the last few months with no way to recover it.

We were forbidden from making students hosts after that.

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