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, | Unfiltered | September 15, 2023

When I was 16 years old my best friend got me a job working as a waiter in a country club where he also worked. The job wasn’t great and it paid minimum wage for my age (its £4.55 p/h now, I think back in the day it was roughly £3.50) but since I was still living with my parents I just really needed something to pay for luxuries and I’ll admit to being a bit cocky.

One day I asked my manager for a day off a couple of weeks later and was overheard by someone who I didn’t realise was another manager as she was wearing the uniform for normal floorstaff. We had this conversation:

Manager 2: I want that day off! Why should you get that day off?

Manager 1: Hey, come on. We’re just having a conversation here.

Manager 2: I want that day off too! What makes your time more important than mine?

Me: The fact that it is MY time makes it more important than yours.

Manager 2: What did you just say???

Me: Because. It. Is. My. Time.

Manager 2 stood there with her mouth gaping for a few moments before Manager 1 turned away from her, rolled his eyes and said:

Manager 1: OK guys, no need for the hostility. [Me] you can have the time off, [Manager 2] we’ll talk later.

Ah the days when you could suffer no fools and get away with ‘I really don’t need this job’ antics.

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