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I work for a company that provides customer service for several different banks as overflow.

I’m at lunch reading the interwebs when a few ladies sit down at a table near me. I don’t pay much attention to them until they start complaining that their day is so boring because they don’t get any calls and how they have to surf the web all day and that they don’t have any money as they keep spending it shopping online.

I go back to work and mention it to a co-worker and they ask for their description, after some team work we find out that a new hire class happened and the entire class was not added to any skills so they were in fact sitting around doing nothing. We were able to fix a hole in the process and figured that was the end of it. (The trainer quit during the last few days of the class and everyone thought someone else was submitting access)

Couple of days later my co-worker comes running over to me and lets me know of the drama unfolding in the lobby; apparently the agent was being escorted out by security because she had disconnected 500+ members that morning as they kept interrupting her shopping. She was furious as she was being expected to take calls (in her call center job) and that we needed to fix it.

The other 9 people in the class were taking calls without issue.

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