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I worked at a popular coffee house chain. I usually took care of patrons at the register…taking orders, getting food, drip coffee, etc. This coffee chain offers a service in which customers may place an order through an app and pick it up in store without having to wait. The area in which patrons pick up their orders was right beside the register area. I was at my usual spot at the register. Patrons picking up their preordered items from the app frequently asked me questions…about where to find napkins, sugar, and would ask if their orders were ready.
Sometimes, we were out of various food items. When this happened, we would write their name on the bag and “please see barista” on the pastry bag. One morning, a customer was irate because we only had one doughnut and he ordered two doughnuts through the app. I felt badly we didn’t have another doughnut, but he was acting like a huge jerk.
Irate guy: “I can’t believe you only have one doughnut! This is ridiculous! What am I supposed to do?!”
Me: “I’m so sorry we only one doughnut for you. They are very popular. We’re happy to offer you an alternative, though! We have croissants, sandwiches, cookies. We could also issue a refund to you if you’d prefer.”
Irate guy: “But I ordered a doughnut! What am I supposed to do with this? I don’t want something else!”
After several rounds of this banter, I’d had enough. Truthfully, this was a second job and I was considering quitting. So….
Me: “How about I cut the doughnut in half? Then you’ll have two.”
The look on his face was priceless.

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