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My D&D group is about fifty percent Big Guys Who Drink Alcohol, and a couple of average Guys Who Drink Alcohol. Meanwhile I’m a chubby short woman who can take months to finish a six-pack of hard lemonade. One day I arrive at game to find one of the guys mixing shots and distributing them to the others. I get closer, curious, and watch him make a couple.

Me: “Hey, make me one, too.”
Everyone: “What? / <i>[My name]</i> wants one? / [My name], these are a little strong. / Are you sure? / You don’t even drink!”
Me: “I’m an adult! I can have alcohol if I want to!”
Guy making drinks: “Sure, here you go.”

He hands me the shot glass and, after a tiny sip to make sure it’s not nasty, I down it.

Me: “That was good! …I need to sit down now!”

I stumble the whole five feet to the couch and practically fall onto it.

Me: “I thought being hit this hard by alcohol was just a joke!”

I was fine in the end, and the only real consequence was that I missed a bit of actual D&D time while I recovered. But it did give me insight on how to more realistically play my character: the town drunk.

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