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Friendly? Working?
It’s not important to the story other than it’s what allowed me to witness this exchange, but I’m a home aide. My current client has a young boy (11ish) come to walk her small dog every late afternoon. The boy has, umm, an interesting social issue. As does the dog. The dog has a firm and unshaking belief that if he walks through the door, no matter why, he gets a dog biscuit, nearly universally called a “cookie” by dog owners.
One afternoon, after his walk, the boy brings the dog into the kitchen, this is one of my very first interactions with the kid.
Dog runs into the living room to make sure “mom” is still there, then runs back into the kitchen to whine and bark at the kid…
K; Why is he doing that?
M; He wants a treat… There are cookies in that crock next to you.
K; Cookies?” (Not excited, just curious)
M; Yep, just lift the lid.
K; [lifts lid to crock] “Oh, dog cookies.” [Drops lid back onto crock, turns around, and walks out of the house.]
No. He did not offer the dog a cookie. No he did not say goodbye, or indeed anything other than what I typed, No, he never even looked at me or the dog. Just straight up spun on his heel and walked off.
Dog and I look at each other in confusion.

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