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A guy comes into the store with a pack of friends and loudly talks to his buddies when I’m trying to assist the group in finding what they want.

Me: “Sorry for the wait. After checking the system, it seems that we don’t have [product]. We don’t even seem to carry that brand name.”

The guy grunts at me, and spins around to call to another coworker who just happened to be passing by on another mission.

Guy: “So do y’all have [product we still don’t carry]?”

Me: “No, sir. As I told you, we do not.”

Douche whisps around and yells in my face: “I wasn’t talking to you! I was talking to HER!” (He gestures to the startled looking coworker.)

Another customer (not part of the group): “Hey, try showing some respect! She just told you that a minute ago.”


Guy’s Buddy: “Dude, what the f*** is wrong with you?”

Manager #1, coming over due to the screaming expletives: “Okay, that’s it, OUT!”

Guy, ignoring the manager and spinning back on me: “F****** b**** I didn’t ask you!”

Manager #1: “I said get out!”

Guy: “Get f*****! I’m telling this [slur for women] what I think of her, and you’ll f****** stand there and f****** smile while I do it because I’m the customer!”

His friends grabbed him and physically dragged him out of the store, while he was screaming slurs and demanding to be let go.

Manager #1 told him he was banned and that if he ever showed his face around here again, even in the parking lot, the cops would be called.

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