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Every year, pretty much every library in the Universe runs a Summer Reading Program from June to August.. Some places you just get some stickers and the satisfaction of knowing you read 25 books. Some places have elaborate prize levels as incentive.

And some patrons have trouble reading so one wonders if they really read the books they claim they do. In relation to this, it is important to note that MyCity has a Very Common Name. There are close to twenty towns across the country called MyCity. Patrons are always amazed by this.

Yesterday, my coworker received a call from a woman who was very upset about our summer reading prize giveaway. She had completed the challenge of reading five books in June (with two weeks left to go) and that meant she was supposed to get a cute key chain. The staff refused to give her the key chain. Why couldn’t she have the key chain?

Coworker was the person running the summer reading adult program and could not remember any key chains, especially not for adults, as we usually raffle off gift certificates to various eateries. So she looked us up on line as the woman had done.

Now, Three years ago, we did an incentive program that featured key chains. Perhaps that had popped up (hey, the internet is forever) and it was an outdated challenge. Still, we would not have awarded that prize until the July challenge.

I am sure many of you had guessed what happened.

The nice lady joined a Summer Reading Program in MyCity, (state 900 miles away) as opposed to MyCity, (This State, Lady). At least she ddn’t demand we go get her the prize

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