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It’s the last day of high school, and it’s basically this huge all-day party. One of my teachers has compiled a ‘I want to do this before I leave’ list and has promised to help us fulfil it, as long as it doesn’t violate too many rules.

It’s pretty fun stuff, like wearing a ridiculous outfit to class, using the lab skeleton head as a bowling ball and bringing alcohol to school.

One of them, submitted by [Classmate #1], was “I want to tie [Annoying classmate] to a chair and pelt spitballs at him.”

Annoying Classmate: “Yeah, I’ll do that. But no spitballs.”

Classmate #1: *shrugs* “I’ll take what I can get.”

By this point, we’ve all had some drinks and are a bit buzzed.

[Classmate #1] gets duct tape and tapes his hands together.

Classmate #2: “No man. That’s not gonna work.”

Annoying Classmate: “Yup.” *breaks free* “You can’t contain me!”

The next two attempts end up the same way.

Classmate #1: *loses patience* “Well let’s see you do better!”

Classmate #2: *shrugs* “Can I borrow you tie?”

Classmate #1: “Uh yeah, sure.”

He passes her his tie, which she used to tie [Annoying Classmate]’s ankles together. She follows it up by tying her own belt around his thighs as well.

Classmate #2: “Another belt please.”

I pass her my belt, which she use to bind [Annoying Classmate]’s thighs to the chair. She also takes my tie and connects it to the ankle binding so that it connects to the chair binding, forcing him to bend his knees.

She makes [Annoying Classmate] clasp his hands behind his back, with one arm over the shoulder. He’s quite flexible, so she make him reach further and clasp his hand around his other wrist and duct tape them together to the back of the chair. She then uses another two belts around his chest and stomach to bind him to the chair back.

Classmate #2: *stepping back* “All yours.”

Annoying Classmate: *struggling* “I can’t break free!”

His rocking side by side nearly causes him to fall, but a couple of us catch him.

Me: “Don’t struggle. You’ll only fall.”

She’s tied him up such that his arms have no leverage, his fingernails are covered and his center of gravity is high. He can’t escape.

Classmate #1: “How come you’re so good at tying people up?”

Classmate #2: *shrugs* “I’ve had plenty of experience.”

Everyone looks at her weirdly.

Classmate #3: “Are you into BDSM?”

Classmate #2: *blushing* “No! It’s not my girlfriend I tie up. It’s my *brother*.”

Everyone gasps.

Classmate #3: “To be fair, he *is* hot.”

Classmate #2: “No, no. My other brother! The younger one! He has ADHD, so my family literally has to tie him to a chair to make him do his homework! The guy is like a gecko. He slips out of nearly anything. I’ve had to get good at tying people up.”

Annoying Classmate: “Sounds like child abuse.”

Classmate #2: “Eh, he finds it funny.”

There’s a pregnant pause.

Me: “So what are going to do now?”

Classmate #1: “Spitballs?”

Annoying Classmate: “No!”

Classmate #3: *jokingly* “Lift him up on our shoulders and parade him through school? [Annoying Classmate] has pissed off pretty much everyone at least once.”

Annoying Classmate: “Sounds fun.”

Everyone shrugs and four of us hoist him and the chair above our shoulders before leaving the classroom, chanting “The King in the North!”.

Man I miss those nincompoops. I found them barely tolerable half the time, but we had a great many fun times together.

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