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“She’s a bit ‘short’ of common decency”
I was just about to clock into my shift at the supermarket (I was in uniform) when a woman pulls me over, and this exchange occurs:
Her: Did you see those boots?
Me: Boots? What boots?
Her: Just walk back and look down the aisle, you’ll laugh your but off!

I imagine that she may be talking about some weird shoes you might see at a fashion show, designed to catch your eye. (Don’t ask why, but I took from her phrasing that someone would have just abandoned such shoes. Stranger things have happened before.) Instead, I see she was referring to someone at the self-checkout wearing glass heels. (I don’t know what their preferences were, but they had a beard.)
Annoyed, yet being too tired to get in a confrontation, I make a big show of looking around and shrugging, like “I don’t see anything funny.”

Thinking back on it later, some added irony was that the person with heels was wearing short shorts. As a 6’7” guy, all affordable shorts just feel a little… short. If this person’s fashion sense caught on, clothing shopping for me would get a lot cheaper!

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