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(I work at a Pizza restaurant, and I have just picked up the phone)

Me: Thank you for calling [Store], is this a pickup or delivery?

Customer: It’s a pickup.

Me: Okay what can I get for you?

Customer: Do you have a 6 piece?

Me: Yes our smalls are six pieces, did you want a deep dish or round?

Customer: Deep dish. And how many pieces is that, 3?

Me: No sir it’s a six piece. What would you like on it?

Customer: Pepperoni, and how many pieces is that?

Me: *Exasperated* 6.

Customer: Okay.

(I thought that was the end of it, but then I was the one helping him when he came to pick it up)

Customer: Yes I had a deep dish, I think it was a 8 piece.

Me: *Fully dead inside* No sir, as I said on the phone the small is a 6 piece.

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