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(This happened to my grandma some years ago. My home village is very small (around 1000 inhabitants), so it’s a everybody knows everybody place + most are related with each other.
One day my grandma got a phone call from the hospital in the capital. She was at first only mildly surprised, since she does have a heart condition and has had fairly regular medical attention the past many years. The call went something like this:)

Grandma: “Hallo?”

Caller: “(Grandma’s name)?”

Grandma: “Yes?”

Caller: “I’m calling from the (capital hospital) to book your next scan.”

Grandma: “Next scan? What scan are you talking about?”

Caller: “You’re next ultrascan?”

Grandma: *confused and mildly amused* “Ultrascan? I’m 78 years old and haven’t needed those for the past 40 years!”

(It turned out, that the hospital hadn’t looked too carefully about the informations in their system, since they were suppose to call a much younger woman in my home village with the exact same name – who lived 1-2 houses away from my grandma’s home (she’s a 3rd- or so cousin of mine).
No idea how the mix-up happened (maybe the phone numbers were similar?), but it did give my grandma a story to tell, how the hospital wanted her to check on her ‘pregnancy’.)

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