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MY husband and I were unloading our car when a cat strolled up to us. The cat was obviously well-fed and friendly, so we could tell it wasn’t feral, but we weren’t sure if it was an outdoor cat or an escapee, and it had no collar on.

It was bitterly cold out, and we didn’t want to leave an escaped cat outside, so we knocked on the door of Neighbor #1, who had lived in the neighborhood longer than we had, to ask if she knew who the cat belonged to. She thought it belonged to Neighbor #2 and offered to call her and ask. And so with the absurdly friendly cat twining itself around our legs, we got to listen to Neighbor #1 call Neighbor #2:

“Hi, Neighbor #2! This is Neighbor #1. Is your cat at home?”

(It was, indeed, Neighbor #2’s cat, who had escaped out the open front door.)

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