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| Unfiltered | August 19, 2023

When I moved to Finland a few years back, I didn’t know the language nor that many people beside my boyfriend (now husband). In order to get to know more and not be too lonely at home (about 1 year before I was able to go to a language school), I joined a day club for young adults and older. I was there very regularly for about 2 years, before our first daughter was born.
Since I knew that the people at the club were happy for me and looking very much forward to seeing the baby, I did bring her with me when I went there.

After about 7-8 months after our daughter was born, a new member started there. She was from Polen. She had also taken her daughter with her. When we started talking in our broken Finnish, I got to know, that her daughter was also 7-8 months old. Further questions turned out, that not only where our daughters born the same year, but the same date too and in the same hospital!
Both of us had also moved to Finland the same summer (1-2 months apart) to our partners (they were married, we got married later).

We don’t live in the same cities nor are from the same countries, so we were very surprised by the funny coincident.

Our daughters loved each others company so much even as babies, that now 4 years later (also after we both left the club because of work and other things), we still make time to see each others, so our children can play.

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