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(I rarely answer calls from numbers I don’t know, especially after scammers started cloning numbers similar to the one they’re calling to make you think you know the caller. Anyone who knows me will know to leave a message anyway. One day, I get two missed calls from a number similar to mine. I assume it’s a scammer so I don’t answer. After the second call, I get a voicemail. It sounds like a pretty frantic elderly man.)

Voicemail: Yes, I got a voicemail from this number, something about my social security number not matching on my 2020 taxes. Please call me back, it should be right.

(I couldn’t let this man be conned, so I called him back.)

Elderly Man: Hello? Who is this?

Me: Hi, I know you had a missed call from my number, but I wanted to tell you that it was *not* the IRS calling. Scammers are able to clone phone numbers and use them to trick people.

Elderly Man: They are? Are you sure?

Me: Yes sir, I’ve actually checked with the IRS myself after getting several suspicious calls. They will *never* call you or email you. They will only contact you through an official government letter.

Elderly Man: *sounding relieved* Oh, thank you so much! I really appreciate you calling to tell me that.

(We say goodbye and I’m glad I was able to help. The idea of someone taking advantage of older people that way pi**e* me off to no end. I decided, if this were to happen again, I’d do the same thing.)

*Fast forward about a month*

(I get a few missed calls from another number similar to mine. This time, instead of a voicemail I get a text.)

Text: Hello, did you call me? I had two missed calls from you. Who is this??

Me: *remembering the man from before* Hi, I did not call you. Scammers can clone numbers similar to yours into the caller ID, trying to trick you into answering.

Text: Oh ok :) Thanks!
Text: U sound nice looking?


(I’ll still try to help people from getting scammed, but I have no patience for that mess. Besides, my voice isn’t on my voicemail, so how do you get that I sound nice looking, or even anything about me at all, over text?)

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