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Me: morning.

Dave: morning.

Me: oh hey dave , how is the house move going?

Dave: not great. Struggling to sell ours. Thinking about putting a new kitchen in.

Me: really? I’ve seen your kitchen , it looks pretty good. Is that what the agent suggested?

Dave: nah, he wants us to drop the price. But I think a new kitchen will actually get us more money.

(I’ve seen Daves house, while nice. It did seem way overpriced for the area.
What seemed crazy was that he had pretty much the same kitchen fitted, but in a slightly different colour. He doesn’t say much for a few months.)

Dave: oh hey, i sold my house!

Me: thats great, did you get what you wanted?

Dave: yeah pretty much, I decided to drop the price a little.

Me: sure.

Dave: yeah i decided it was for the best, you know to get sold.

(Sure, nothing to do with the fact that it was overpriced, the agent telling you to drop the price. Or that the kitchen was never the issue.)

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