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I recently got married and a new job. With the new job, I get insurance, my husband, does as well. His work does not offer insurance and because of that, I put him on as a beneficiary. But to have him as a beneficiary, I need to verify that we are legally married.
I sent a fax with a fax cover sheet and my actual marriage certificate in. I sent in on a Saturday morning when I am working. That following Tuesday, I get an email that my husband still needs to be verified. I call the customer support line and it is an automated prompt.
It asks for my birthday and tracks my account with my cell phone and birthday. It gives an option to push 3 on the dial pad to check the documents on account. It says that I have none. I go back to the menu and request to speak with an actual representative.

Rep: Hello, this is [name] with [company]

Me: Hi, I sent a fax to verify my husband to be a dependent on my account, it shows that it is not there, what is going on?

Rep: Ok ma’am, you will either need to upload the document for fax it to [fax number]

Me: Ok, I did fax it there this past Saturday, where is it.

Rep: You need to send it to [fax number]

I am now getting irate and I try not to be THAT customer due to working with people like that.

Me: I did, I faxed it to [fax number].
I read the number off the fax machine to the rep

Rep: that is our fax number.

Me, frustrated: Ok, I will fax it and upload it, have a great rest of your day, Goodbye.

I hung up. It felt like we were going in circles about it.
I know in the end I was short with my words and I probably (definitely) could have ended the call better, but how do you lose a fax sent to a secured line that has someone’s marriage certificate included?
It has really been stressing me out because my husband needs to be insured for health and medical just incase we end up in the ER…

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