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| Unfiltered | July 30, 2023

I was walking my dog, as I do every day. me and him was just minding our own business, Him on his BRIGHT RED double handled leash and harness ( this is important later on). When ever I see a person, I give my dog the signal to sit down, along with telling him to. I always grab the leash with both handles and gently hold him until the person passes by. Most of the time we do not run into any problems with any body. Well, this man passes by and I do the signal and command with Buster, my dog. I usually repeat the command twice and he sits still. This time he sits on the first command, then with him drawn close to my side, he gets and stays up. I hear the man mumble ” dumb DOG” making sure that I heard the last word. I look at him like “yes, I KNOW what you said about my dog”. He seen the look on my face and he said ” Oh, I meant that you have him trained well.” During this time, even though Buster is mild mannered, he does not like men. I made sure that I had my hands on his harness and leash, just in case. People, just because a dog does not respond to commands perfectly does not mean that you have the right to call a stranger’s dog “dumb”.

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