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(I am nineteen and at the dentist’s office for a follow-up appointment after getting my braces taken off. The dentist takes a look at my teeth and then leaves momentarily, coming back with paperwork.)
Dentist: “Okay, so we’ll want to schedule an appointment to fix your filling. It’s starting to wear down.”
(I immediately start freaking out internally, since I have never had a cavity and don’t remember ever getting a filling. As I stare at her, trying to control my breathing, she goes on.)
Dentist: “We also got your most recent x-rays back. Your wisdom teeth are growing in sideways and pushing on your molars, here, which is keeping them from growing in the rest of the way, so they need to be removed. I’ve got a referral for a good oral surgeon here.”
(At this point, I, overwhelmed and surprised, am desperately trying to hold back tears. I say nothing, just take the paperwork she hands me. Back in the car, I give my mom the paperwork and start crying.)
Me: *somewhat hysterically* “When did I get a filling?!”
Mom: “Oh, that was a while ago. It was just filling in a dent in your tooth. It’s already falling apart? It should’ve lasted longer.”
(This doesn’t help, since I somehow hadn’t known about this filling, despite it being in my mouth.)
Me: *shakily* “And my wisdom teeth are sideways.”
Mom: *reaches out and squeezes my shoulder* “Oh, honey. They were going to need to come out eventually, anyway. Better when you’re young.”
Me: *hysterically* “I knew they’d need to come out eventually, but not now!
(I did get my wisdom teeth out, and it was fine. Thanks to the onset of the global pandemic, I have not yet had the filling redone, since the wisdom teeth were slightly more important. No, I don’t know how I didn’t realize they gave me a filling either.)

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