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In the early nougties I was thinking of changing phone service from a prepaid to a contract.
After seeing a good deal advertised for service with a real good phone up grade I decide to go for it.
I call the sales line and tell them what I want and that at this time I just want what the deal offers and try the service and if I like it I might upgrade later.
The sales person takes all my info and starts a sales pitch for all kinds of upgrades. I stop him and repeat what I said about maybe later I might check out the upgrades.
Again the sales person says OK but then starts on the spiel again and again I stop them and say no.
I absolutely am not going to buy any more than what I have already agreed too.
OK, then the upsell starts again.
ENOUGH! Do not start telling me about the up grades again. Finish my transaction, give me a confirmation and we are done.
OK. Sir, I have to read it to you it’s my job.
Even if I tell you not too?
Yes. I’ll get fired.
Well I am not going to agree to a contract with a company that won’t listen to me. Cancel this order. Do not charge anything to my credit card and do not ever call me, I will not ever deal with this company again.

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