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| Unfiltered | July 25, 2023

I work for a ski area coordinating a multi-week group lesson program for kids. Due to an operations issue, we had to reschedule the last lesson day for some of our groups. We realized the problem a month in advance and did everything in our power to get the word out in plenty of time. One day, a family showed up for their son’s last lesson. I explained that they had unfortunately missed the last lesson, as it had been rescheduled to four days previous. The mom looked very confused. I explained that she should have received an email almost a month ago. She still looked confused.
Finally, still looking a bit confused, she held up her phone to me, and with that ‘but-this-explains-everything’ tone of voice, said “but it’s on my calendar!!”

I’m sorry that we don’t operate our resort based on your personal calendar!

(We did offer her son a makeup lesson the following weekend. My manager jumped through some hoops to schedule it at a mutually convenient time, and then the mom emailed a few hours before the lesson to say her son couldn’t make it after all.)

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