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, | Unfiltered | July 20, 2023

I was helping my sisters boyfriend tearing down an old wooden building at his farm.
After many hours of work he offered me to stay for the night, as we took longer than expected and driving home exhausted wasnt the safest option.

I was given one of many bedrooms, since his farm was owned by his family for many generations, and most of the time, there were parents, grandparents, siblings or their children around, either visiting or living only one field apart from each other.

His parents and grandmother were staying there that day, and after saying goodnight we went to bed in each of our rooms.

Or at least i tried.

At 3 in the morning, the door to my room opened, sqeaking like in a cheap horror movie. Entering, i saw his grandmother, floating around like a ghost and generally looking confused. When she noticed me, looking at her in horror, she asked:

Her:” Oh, *Name i dont know*, is that you?”
Me:”… No?”

We stared for a few seconds at each other until she simply said:”Oh!” and left the room.

My sister and her boyfriend found that scene hilarious. I would have prefeered a good nights rest instead, cause i shure didnt sleep after that encounter…

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