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| Unfiltered | July 19, 2023

I’m sitting at my desk about 9:30 in the morning, doing my morning routine and the walkie crackles to life.

Coworker1: [Coworker2], you here?
Coworker2: No.
Coworker1: *after a moment of silence* Okay, well when you get here, can you come to [office]?
Coworker2: I may never get here.
Coworker1: Dude, it’s not even Monday. It’s Thursday.
Coworker2: Yeah, and yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day.
Coworker1: Ohhhhh yeah man, see you whenever.

I headdesked a little. I love my coworkers, but sometimes they do dumb s*** lol.

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