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(I’m a veterinary nurse. I answer the phone at work:)
Me: “Good morning, this is [Veterinary Clinic], how can I help?”
Client: *immediately rude* “Do you do progesterone blood tests for dogs?” (A progesterone blood test indicates whether a dog is ovulating in order for breeders to mate them with a greater chance of success of impregnation. We do not run these in house at my clinic.)
Me: “Yes we can arrange that for you. We don’t actually run these in house, we use an external lab, but we can take your dog’s blood and get it all sorted and sent off for-”
Client: *interrupts me* “Just gimme the name of the lab then and I’ll go straight there.”
Me: *a little taken aback* “Well we need to take the blood for you sir and send it off-“
Client: *interrupting me again* “So you won’t tell me?”
Me: *beginning to lose my patience* “Well I can tell you the name of the lab we use is [laboratory name that would be difficult to spell if you had never seen it written down]-“
Client: *interrupting me AGAIN* “You’re no help, I’ll do it myself.” *hangs up on me*
(If this client had given me a chance to speak, I would have explained that the only two locations of this lab are in the US and the Netherlands, and that even if he did travel to either of those locations – definitely not possible or practical during this pandemic and due to the nature of this test – they would turn him away, since they are a laboratory only and don’t take samples on site.)

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