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Our department seems to be chronically understaffed on Sundays. And now it’s gotten worse. Over the last months, a few people quit or were fired.

Department manager: ‘It’ll be a tough night, [my name]. Sorry. But [coworker #1] is gone, too and [coworker #2] is not allowed on cash register anymore.’

Me: ‘Why is [coworker #1] gone so suddenly, anyway?’

Department manager: ‘Oh, you know… the money thing…’

I’m a bit puzzled due to his evasive answer, but I have heard about people quitting to get a better paying job before, so I assume that’s what he means. I do know that coworker #2 is coworker #1’s girlfriend, but I do not immediately make a connection here, young and naive as I am, although I clearly feel something is off.

Days later, I talk to another coworker when we head home with the bus.

Me: ‘[My department] is really in shambles, now. We can barely cover. I mean, I get people quit over the low wages, like [coworker #1].’

Coworker #3: *Starts grinning* ‘Oh, hell no, he didn’t quit. Remember the cash shortages? That was him.’

Apparently the guy had stolen over €1000,- in quite a short time, starting with €50 notes immediately. Apparently, paying back the stolen money and all the costs of the investigation and court case was going to cost him the triple amount. So, no job, and no money left.

Years later, I hear a guy on the train talk over the phone with a girl. Apparently, she is getting fined and getting a criminal record over a similar crime.

Guy: ‘Wow, all this over a little bit of money? That’s really overreacting!’

Yeah, but, maybe you shouldn’t have stolen in the first place? Even if you don’t think it’s wrong, do you really think it’s worth the risk?

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