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Me: “well you know what they say, there are 11 types of people in the world. Those that don’t understand binary, those that sort of understand it, and those like me that are truly 0001001100110111.”*
Friend: “that isn’t how the joke is suppose to go, and I don’t think those were even letters.”
Me: “Technically true, but I’m using half size bytes to cut out all the extra zeros.”
Friend: “okay what was the binary again?”
Me: “0001 0011 0011 0111” **

My friend thinks for a second while he ‘translates’, then gives a groan.

Friend: “You are such a geek, even for here!”
Me: “It’s not my fault you lack my elite skills.”
Friend: “wait, did you memorize that whole binary sequence just so you could tell that terrible joke?”
Me: “umm..I plead the 0101?” ***

*11 is how you write 3 in binary, this is a bastardization of a well known joke about there being 10 types of people, those that understand binary and those that don’t

** For the none geeks a half-byte means ever 4 sets of 0 and 1 made up a unit. In this case if you read the binary as numbers you get the number 1337. Which is ‘leetspeak’ (where numbers replace letters that look like them) for the word “leet”. Leet is a bastardization of elite used for bragging about technical skills etc. Even us geeks don’t use leet or leetspeak remotely seriously, you really should be embarrassed for me that I would ever make such a terrible joke.

*** That’s plead the fifth if you haven’t guessed.

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