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My boyfriend and I are from Germany and decided to go on a weekend trip to Prague.

We had a lot of fun so we weren’t too annoyed when we learned that our train back to Germany would be delayed for quite a few hours.

Instead of waiting at the train station we went to the Národní muzeum (National Museum) and enjoyed all of their exhibits.

We payed for two extra exhibitions and tried to enter the second one before we had to leave but were denied access as the allowed number of visitors was reached.

We talked to the workers and it turned out they also spoke German. So we had a nice chat before we sat down waiting to be let in.

Suddenly a British family tries to enter the exhibition we were also waiting for. The woman working there tried her best with her limited English but I only listened with half an ear as I was talking to my boyfriend in German.

The worker repeats the word: “Patttzienzze” on and on. The British family was kind of confused (as was I) until it finally dawned on me and I blurted out: “OHHHH, PATIENCE!”

The family also has a lightbulb moment and thanks us before wandering off to look at other stuff in the meantime.

The woman then talked to her colleague who took the family further away making them look at something. As soon they were out of sight the woman waves us over, thanks us profusely and sneaks us into the exhibit.

We still smile about that story all the time and we plan on visiting Prague and the Czech Republic again when it’s safe to travel again.

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