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I’m shopping at the mall, just to pass time. I see some shirts I like but I’m by no mean an impulsive buyer, so, I walk away and keep going around. Meanwile I take the time to think in dept about all theses things I liked. I’m I still considerring 2 shops later or have I already forgot about its existance? Are they really in my budget? Does theses clothes fit the rest of my closet? When, where, why will I wear them? And such questions, if I’m positif I really want it, can afford it and will reasonably use it, I go back to the shop and then buy it.
In this case, I go back for the shirts, try them on with the first sale person I see, all’s good so far. Then, I see the second sale person and recognise she is a girl with whom I went to school with, in a class I had to drop early.
I change back to my clothes and I hand off my purchase to the first sale person to ring me up as the second approche me; I think she recognise me too and is in to say “Hi” and catch up a little bit, but, instead she say:

Hey! You went away because you believed nothing would fit you, but see? You just had to try it on! Glad you came back to give yourself a chance!

I froze, drop the smile, turn away to pay for my things and left without saying anything.
I did passed from a size small, to a large in the last years, indeed, but that was rude…even if she did not recognise me and had no idea about my previous size, who would assume anyone have such a self degrading thinking process AND say it out loud at their face?

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