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Recreational use of a certain plant has just become legal in Arizona in mid-December of 2020. This story takes place in late January of 2021 where there are a handful of dispensaries that have already started selling to that crowd. There is not a lot but enough you no longer need to buy it illegally and can still get it within a few hours. We are also in the middle of a global pandemic with Arizona being one of the hotspots in the United States. Which makes this story extremely gut-wrenchingly stupid.

Fiance: So [Brother]’s friend tested positive for COVID. She feels like shit.

Me: Poor thing. I hope she is OK.

Fiance: She says she feels like shit. It is worse than the flu.

Me: How does she think she got it?

Fiance: Well a week ago, she bought weed from her cousin and thinks she got it from him.

Me: What?

Fiance: He apparently wasn’t wearing a mask… Because you know they are family.

Sadly, this woman and her in-live boyfriend are probably spreading it elsewhere. And she is not alone. I have a former coworker who is eight months pregnant and gotten it twice. She tested positive less than a week ago. Her mother is in the hospital and may not see her unborn grandchild. The former coworker is still going out places with no masks on. It is really easy to see why Arizona is in the shape it is in when you are surrounded by these selfish jerks on a daily basis.

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