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This was just before the current health crisis started shutting things down.
I’d been putting off going to the dentist for a few years, partially because of a lack of funds for dental work that I knew I needed to have, and partially because I lived too far from my old clinic and didn’t want to select a new one.
Finally, I ended up with an infected tooth and made an appointment at the closest dental clinic to me. It turned out I needed a root canal. The dentist also recommended a bit of other work for me, including wonky (but not dangerously so) wisdom teeth.
While all this was going on, my husband decided that, yeah, he should probably get a checkup as well – it had been even longer since he’d visited the dentist. He gave them his details to make a new patient appointment at the same time that he came by to pick me up from the root canal. We coordinated our insurance details with the receptionist and overall had a bit of a nice chat.
A couple of weeks later, my husband came home from his appointment laughing. He told me that, while he and the dentist had been talking, the fact that we were married had come up, and the dentist had told him that his teeth were boring and much less interesting than mine.
I like to think it’s one of the more confusing compliments I’ve ever gotten.

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