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(My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a decade. We aren’t particularly bothered about marriage – we aren’t against it, but due to the distribution of our families and friends across the country, our finances, and just the general state of the world, it’s not something that’s high on our priorities list. It does come up as a topic of conversation from time to time, but while we are pretty well agreed that we’re in this for the long haul, the actual question has not been officially popped.)
Boyfriend: If we were going to get married, we’d probably have to have multiple ceremonies, cause you know, my mom can’t really travel, and your parents are on the east coast and your dad can’t really make the trip either. And then we’ve got our friends all over the place… So it would probably be like 3 ceremonies altogether.
Me: Yeah, it would be a lot of time and money – and then there’s sending out all of the invites and figuring out who is closest to which ceremony…
Boyfriend: If I get a big advance on one of my books then I think we probably would do it then… *pause*… that is, assuming you WANT to marry me…
(I paused for a second, as this is absolutely the closest thing to a direct proposal I’ve gotten. Then I give a loud, long suffering sigh)
Me: I mean… I *GUESS* so…
(We both laughed and the conversation continued for a bit. I guess I’m marginally engaged now?)

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