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My parents, sister, and I are eating dinner. My sister is 9 and I am 12. My sister interrupts me every time I speak, so I get mad and start speaking loudly.

Mom: I can’t deal with this tonight. Work was terrible and I have a headache. [Dad], can you make sure they clean up properly?

She leaves the table to go lay down. Meanwhile, my sister continues to irritate me.

Me: Why can’t you just let me finish? I’m just trying to ask Dad about my science project, and-

Sister: Science is stupid!

Me: Science. Is. Not. Stupid!

(I pound my fist on the table with each word, causing the salt shaker to fall off and hit my sister’s foot.)

Sister: THAT HURT!


Sister: NO YOU’RE NOT!

(She’s right. I’m not sorry, but I also truly didn’t mean for that to happen, so I think of something else to say.)


My dad has barely been holding it together and finally dissolves into laughter. My sister and I realize how ridiculously we have been acting and join him. We clean up the dishes without our usual complaints.

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