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My friend has two children that at the time of this story were 6-7 and 3 years old. The children had to get shots during their last doctor’s visit but the older brother has issues with anxiety and a little touch sensitivity, which resulted in the poor child being terrified of getting his shot.

When asked the younger daughter agreed to get her shot first, to show her brother it was fine. She handled her shot like a pro, barely showing any pain. Then she turn to her brother to reassure him.

sister: “It okay, it no hurt”

Then when it was time for her brother’s shot she went up to him and held his hand as he got his shot. As he cried after wards she kept telling him “it okay!”

It’s sad that her brother’s anxiety issues made his shot so difficult for him, but it was adorable seeing what an amazingly supportive little sister he had.

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