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It’s the start of the term, and it’s gym class. Every week, we have one gym class which everyone in our school house attends together. A intra-house bonding event, mostly. We can play sports, lift weights or hit the treadmill together.

I finished doing some weights and decided to go play some badminton.

Underclassman: “Come on! All of you suck! None of you can play badminton well!”

An underclassman was at the badminton court harassing the rest of the players. Apparently he was an ex-school team player that went for competitions, and was disappointed that nobody in the house could play badminton well.

Me: “Hey! No harassing your housemates!”

Underclassman: “They’re all noobs anyway. I bet that anything anyone here can do in badminton, I can do better.”

Me: “Oh ho. You’re on.”

I get a racquet. And then a second one, dual wielding them.

Underclassman: “Dual wielding? Easy peasy.”

He gets a second racquet as well.

I smirk at him, before flipping both racquets into reverse grip. He looks stunned for a minute.

Me: “Didn’t you say that anything I can do, you could do better?”

He grumbles and reverse grips them.

Underclassman: “Not that you’ll actually be able to hit anything like this.”

Me: “Let’s go a half round. 11 points.”

Final score: 11-2. I’m the winner.

Student: *angrily throws a racquet aside and grips his remaining one properly* “That doesn’t count! How can you expect someone to play so unnaturally?”

Me: *flips my left racquet into forward grip* “Round 2? If you lose, apologise to everyone about what you said.”

Final score 13-11. A lot closer than before, but I still triumphed.

Me: “Take back what you said about the quality of our housemates.”

Underclassman: *to the rest of the students* “I’m sorry for saying you were all lame and noobs.”

That was pretty much the one and only time I trounced him. I basically only won because he wasn’t used to playing against someone as crazy as me. After that, he pretty much wised up on my playing style. Still, he was a lot more respectful of everyone after that.

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