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, | Unfiltered | June 12, 2023

(One morning, I wake up to a long email strand from a group of parents in the northeast US. They were discussing protesting the school mask ordinance associated with a certain pandemic. I am extremely confused, as I don’t have kids, and I live on the West Coast. I send them an email…)

Me: Please take me off this email chain. I’m not the [Name] you’re looking for.

(I continue getting emails. I reply again with a meme of a certain starfish cartoon character yelling “Who are you people?!” I get a reply a couple minutes later…)

Parent: Sorry [My Name], I was given your name at the school board meeting as someone to include. Clearly I was mistaken!

Me: I’m not a parent nor do I even live in your geographic area. The email address you were given was incorrect.

(I’m now getting daily job alerts and order confirmation emails for this person. If the person in question is reading this…learn your email address, or I’m going to drop my pro-mask opinions into the next school board email I receive.)

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