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I work at a busy brunch-style restaurant. Unfortunately, our morning staff is notoriously unreliable and a bit careless. They’re often making silly mistakes, breaking things or doing things to jeopardize the smooth running of the restaurant (such as using a glass to scoop ice, instead of waiting their turn to use the normal scoop). They also tend to work poorly as a team and fail to communicate. On this morning, I watch two of the servers collide into each other with full drink trays (an all too common occurrence because as I said, they tend not to communicate).

Me: *to the servers* Guys, you really need to start communicating. Say “behind” (a common restaurant phrase to let other servers know where you are and to be careful. Other common phrases are “hot” “corner” or “knife” etc.) or something.

Server: but she wasn’t behind me…

Me: *facepalm*

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