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(In order to look up prescriptions, I need to put the patient’s name in our computer. A guy comes through drive through talking to the patient on speaker phone and I ask for the name he is picking up for)

Customer: I’m picking up for (He gives a name the is generally spelled one way)

I type this in and get the birthdate as well

Me: It says there isn’t anything filled currently. Was there something we were expecting? (I search our main computer for the name but the profile is empty)

Patient on the phone: This happens every time. You always say I don’t have anything. I dropped this off at your store last night and was told it would be ready today.

The pharmacist comes over and sees the empty profile and asks them to verify the spelling. When she does, it is spelled in a different way than normal. I type it in and sure enough, a script is ready. I will admit I should have verified the spelling, but with a profile popping up I didn’t think anything of it. I go to get the prescription from the waiting bin.

Pharmacist: Just for future reference, and obviously this isn’t your fault, but if you let us know, it will help us out.

I come back and as he finishes telling them this and the guy is laughing and continues talking to the lady.

Customer: I can’t believe they are trying to school me on how to spell your name.

Me: We are just trying to help you avoid the issue again in the future.

Customer: It’s still her name, all the social security information is still the same.

I’m not sure how to respond to this as we have absolutely no social security information on any patient and until now it had not even been mentioned. I finished the transaction and he drove away still wondering how I didn’t know her name was spelled differently despite them spelling it the same way her whole life.

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