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(I’m a pansexual trans woman, but haven’t had surgeries so I’m flat-chested and bottomed, unlike some girls. I live in a particularly trans and homophobic area, so lots of people take me in disgust. I’m working the register when a group of teenage girls walk in. One of them looks at my chest and bottom in absolute disgust, and whispers to the rest of the group while pointing at me. I figured there would be trouble, but for now I would help the other customers. Then they were finally at the front of the line.)
Girl #1: *obviously disgusted by me* Check us out, and hurry up with it.
(She then turned around and whispered to her friends. I didn’t catch much, but I did hear one of them say ‘not a real girl’. I hurried with the transaction, and then told them their total so they would get out of here once they paid.)
Me: Your total is [Total].
Girl #2: Are you kidding me! That’s outrageous! We just needed to buy [Female Hygiene Product]! It shouldn’t cost that much!
Girl #3: Yeah! You should give us a discount or something!
Girl #1: *snickering* Not like you know what a time of the month even feels like, you fake woman.
(I was feeling uncomfortable at this point, but luckily for me, it looked like the fourth teenager was too.)
Teenager #4: Guys, I’m non-binary, and pansexual. You all know this. Why would you make fun of a trans lady who is obviously trying her best while I’m with you?
(The other girls whirled around to face her.)
Girl #1: *turning red* Well, at least you have a [Female Body Part]!
Girl #2: *also turning red* Besides, you know we only keep you around so we don’t seem homophobic! You’re just a little attention seeking b****, and you always have been!
Girl #3: Yeah, [Girl #2] is right. Also, we’re buying these [Female Hygiene Product] for you, you ungrateful w****!
Me: *fed up with these girls’ crap* Well, if they’re the one these are for, maybe you girls should leave and let them handle the payment.
(At this point, the teenager was beaming at me gratefully as the girls stormed past them out of the store mumbling profanities.)
Me: So, your total comes up to $0.00.
Teenager #4: Wait, really?!
Me: *grinning* Of course! After that ordeal you don’t need to pay!
(I scribbled my number and ‘Call Me?’ on their receipt and slipped it to them. When they saw it a grin crossed their face and they nodded at me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. They called the next day, we arranged a date, and it must’ve gone well because I proposed yesterday and they accepted!)

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